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[New Press Release] 
30x30 SEA Coalition Commends DENR Performance; Urges Philippine Government to Join the High Ambition Coalition for Nature & People

30x30 SEA gladdened by The Philippines’ discussion and contribution to the Open Ended Working Group in Geneva, in discussing the Global Biodiversity Framework. 

“The 30x30 SEA Coalition recognizes and appreciates the hard work done by the DENR, particularly in aligning with the science and shedding light on the needs of our indigenous peoples and local communities[.]” 

-- Jamie Dichaves,
30x30 SEA Coalition Campaign Lead

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News & Resources

KM on International biodiversity protection and IPLCs [3 minute read]
Gab Mejia on the Importance of Southeast Asia’s Cooperation with 30x30 [3 minute read]

“Safeguarding indigenous rights is good for nature —and economies”

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“Asean must step up to protect 30 percent of Earth's land and ocean”

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Information and Research Regarding IPLCs and Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Conservation [25+ Links]
Science and Research Assisting The Need for 30% by 2030 [15+ Links]

“Indigenous ways of knowing and being evoke and inspire new narratives and visions of culture and nature working together within a living and sacred Earth. (Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2, 2020)”

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“[P]rotecting at least 30% of the world’s land and ocean provides greater benefits than the status quo, both in terms of nancial outcomes and non-monetary measures like ecosystem services. (Campaign for Nature, 2021)”

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Philippines urged to embrace 2030 biodiversity strategy [5 minute read] 
SEA Coalition calls for safekeeping 30% of land, water forms by 2030 [5 minute read]

“As delegates from countries around the world gather in Geneva this month for the last major round of negotiations in the leadup to the Kunming biodiversity summit, it’s time for the Philippines to listen to the voice of the people and step up to support 30×30.”

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Asean was a biodiversity hotspot, containing 3 of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world: Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. In these countries, 4 of the world's 25 biodiversity hotspots could be found.”

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Atri Advisory Findings

3 Polls, Commissioned by Atri Advisory and conducted by Vase.ai, measure public opinion in the ASEAN’s 3 Megadiverse Nations. Results show staggering demand to support the 30x30 Target.

Poll: 95% of Respondents in Philippines Support Global Goal, 30x30
[3 minute read]
Poll: 96% of Respondents in Malaysia Support Global Goal, 30x30
[3 minute read]
Poll: 98% of Respondents in Indonesia Support Global Goal, 30x30 
[3 minute read]

“Almost all respondents--95%--support the global goal; 85% want the government to also support the global target.”

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“Almost all respondents-- 96%--support the global goal[.]” “Of all respondents, 84% want the government to also support the global target. ”

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“Almost all respondents--98%--support the global goal, and 94% want the government to also support the global target.”

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"The survey reflects the staggering support of citizens in the region for their governments to endorse the proposal to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 and to take urgent steps to halt biodiversity loss. To do otherwise is not an option. It is incumbent upon our political leaders and policymakers to listen to the people and join the rest of the world in this crucial effort."

-- Dr Zakri Abdul Hamid, Chair, Atri Advisory and Science Advisor to the Campaign for Nature, and Founding Chair of Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)