Share your 30x30 journey with us!

We are looking for individuals and groups who can share their 30x30 journey with us. Whether it’s an inspiring community story, educational research, or a snapshot of our unique biodiversity, we would love to feature them here. 

Do you or your organisation fit any of the following? 👇 

Stories of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

IPLCs play a vital role in the protection and conservation of wildlife because of their tried and tested local knowledge and practices. This section features inspiring stories of individuals and communities who are making waves in the field, or write-up that highlights a group that supports IPLCs.

Scientific Updates and Findings

Science and economics are backbones of the planet-wide 30x30 campaign. We are looking for interested writers or researcher who can share their studies, researches, journal and development articles, and even opinion pieces on Southeast Asian biodiversity.

Snapshot Community

If you are an artist, filmmaker, or photographer who advocates for biodiversity conservation and the environment, 30x30 SEA welcomes submissions from you! You can send entries that highlight Southeast Asia’s biodiversity, landscapes and seascapes, indigenous peoples and local communities, and stories of local conservation efforts.

Teach 30x30

For academic institutions and non-formal education groups who are interested in teaching the impact of 30x30 to the future of of young people, we are open to collaborating with you in organizing learning sessions together with coalition members based in your country.

The 30x30 SEA Campaign is open for all ages. All submissions and collaborations with 30x30 SEA will only be published with the consent of the contributor.

For queries, details or interest to collaborate,
reach us at

A Place for Everyone




We are inviting everyone to be a part of the cause. Once you sign the petition you become part of the global campaign that can truly push for change. More than this, we hope to educate generations and connect them back to our natural world.



We are looking for organizations across South East Asia to assist in the lobbying, campaigning, and mobilization of resources to urge our governments to sign on to the HAC and take necessary action in the protection of our IPLCs and Biodiversity.



The government has the ability and the power to implement laws regarding the conservation and preservation of the natural resources that provide the necessities that humans need. They can also help regulate human activities that add up to the problem of extinction and nature exploitation, such as policies that protect our Indigenous People. Within the laws implemented, the government can use penalties that will cater to the restoration of the ecosystems supporting the goals of 30x30 on having a sustainable planet for people to live in.

Besides law implementations, the government should be proactive in different global campaigns for nature, using their voice to collaborate on solutions for the most vulnerable --- uplifting their nation, and the global landscape to take action on proper execution and implementation of social and environmental goals.